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Japanese Week Eight (Day 48-52)
 BeautifulHooters19 is a Samurai Roll, not a Cinnamon Roll or Cinnamon Bun. She's also not a Cinnamon Donut, just a plain Cake Donut e3e
Day 48: Who, When, and Why?
hospital / byōin / びょういん
comatose state / konsuijōtai / こんすいじょう たい
who / dare / だれ
(Female) nurse / kangofu / かんごふ
from / kara / から
last year / kyonen / きょねん
why / nande / なんで

Day 49: Be Polite!
director of a hospital / byōinchō / びょういんちょう
thank you - that's enough for today / otsukaresama / おつかれさま
just - a little / chotto / 
:icondon-hill-44:Don-Hill-44 2 9
Some RP ideas
I'm in the mood to RP and I came up with some great ideas;
RP idea 1: Fairytale Crossover 
Whether it's Rapunzel trapped in the tower or Snow White lost in the woods, a princess will encounter an unlikely monster; a werewolf. Just when she think her breath will be her last an unexpected hero will come in to save her; a red hooded woman baring a bow and silver arrow. 
RP idea 2: Stranded/Castaway 
MxF or FxF 
How your characters get stranded is debatable but they find themselves fighting against the odds for survival. However they will find that there's a thriving civilization already called this island home. The chief's daughter takes quite a liking to your character. Will you stay or will you find a way back home?
RP idea 3: Mother's Love
A young woman grieves for the lost of her newborn decides to take some time out in the countryside to help ease her grieving. One day she could hear what sounded like a baby crying coming from the forest. Upon closer ins
:iconsoraply11:Soraply11 5 9
Character Profile Form
Basic Statistics
Meaning of name:
Origin of name:
Blood type:
Sexual Orientation:
Current status:
Political Party:
Police/Criminal/Legal record:
Socioeconomic level as a child:
Socioeconomic level as an adult:
Birth date:
Birth place:
Current residence:
Past History
First Memory:
Most important childhood event that still affects him/her:
Other memories/events that still affects him/her and why/how:
Past failures s/he would be embarrassed to have people know about and why:
Biggest role model:
Biggest disillusions from childhood:
Physical Characteristics
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If I made a goFund me to help me move, would you all donate? 

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I wrote the first chapter for my Archer fanfic... First fanfic I've done in a while.. Who wants to proof read it for me? (Knowledge of the show is a must)
Anybody want to do an Archer RP with me? Pleeeeeease?

Devious RP ideas

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 20, 2017, 7:05 PM

Usually do my RPs on the fly but I had a few ideas once! *All of these are in paragraph/lit/book style. I don't do script style, sorry.*

I just found these ideas and added one xD I'll probably update this one with more ideas as they come xD

Bullet; PinkBullet; Blue Plot/Idea number 1 (Straight): You had just gotten off from work and were walking home, as you usually did, the Seattle rain pouring as it usually did this time of year. You glance at the newsstand on the corner next to you and see a rather handsome man looking back at you from the cover of a Forbes magazine with the headline 'Top 25 Under 25' in bold, black font. In the picture, the blonde young man wore a light gray button down shirt, black slacks and held the matching gray jacket 'casually' over his shoulder. He was also sporting a smirk; the kind of smirk that said, 'I could buy and sell twenty of you'. Walking over to the sack of magazines, you picked one up just to check it out more. You've always admired men this hot from afar but felt too awkward and overwhelmingly shy to approach them. As you open the magazine to skim the list, a man bumped into you and apologized. As you started to acknowledge his apology and stammer your own, you instantly recognized the man. Mr. Cover of Forbes himself, Marshall Stevenson! Your boss has been trying to interview him for the longest time and if you could maybe get him to agree, your boss would give that promotion you've had your eye on! Bullet; PinkBullet; Blue

Bullet; PurpleBullet; Black Plot/Idea number 2 (Straight): You broke up with your boy/girlfriend fairly recently and it was hard on you; especially since you had been with them since the beginning of high school. Your neighbor and best friend (my OC) decides to take you out to a party since it's a Friday night and you've been miserable since the last day of junior year and it was now the second week of summer. Reluctantly, you accept the invitation and go with them, hoping to forget about your misery. As the night passes, you realize that you're beginning to fall for your friend.Bullet; PurpleBullet; Black

Bullet; RedBullet; White Plot/Idea number 3 (Straight): Your favorite musician (My OC) is in town for the concert of the year and you've got front row tickets! After the amazing concert there was a meet and greet and you had a pass for that. My OCs lucky guitar pick bracelet was stolen during the meet and greet and you find it. It's late and you, finding out what hotel my OC is staying at, decide to return it in the morning.Bullet; RedBullet; White

:bulletblue::bulletpurple: Plot/Idea number 4 (Straight vampire x human): You are a poor farmer that lives alone. One night, you are out for a stroll when you happen across a maiden (My OC). Being a gentleman, you help her and invite her to your home as it IS the middle of the night.

Note me if you see anything that strike and interest!

~Love ya,

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